The stained glass window that washes our sanctuary with shimmering light was designed by noted Chico glass artist Elizabeth Devereaux. Inspired by drawings in the Book of Kells, by the qualities of the Tomales Bay environs and passages from the Bible, she created a stunning design that, like the fog on the bay, filters and refracts light in ever changing ways.

Devereaux says, “When I was commissioned to design the Pt. Reyes Presbyterian Church eight foot Rose Window my first thought was of the surrounding environment which so influences the people, their work, and their architecture. What are the elements of this environment? The gentle rolling hills, the trees, the fog, and above all, the water. The bay and the sea surround the land; the tides move the water in and out; Tomales Bay particularly is a fertile oyster and fishing ground.”

Fish are also an ancient Christian symbol, and Devereaux employed them to great effect in her design. Quartered by a central Celtic cross, the window is encircled by subtly varied fish of various sizes. “I used intense warm tones of transparent glass in the center, and lighter translucent tones towards the outside. When the sun catches the textures of the center glass it creates a shimmering jewel effect – some have commented ‘like a kaleidoscope’. Each piece of glass is handblown European ‘Antique’ glass, individually chosen for its shading, its varying texture, its bubbles, its subtle streaks. Each piece was cut to create the effect of movement and motion. The colors were chosen to repeat the warm tones of the room, to act as a dramatic focus, and to create a sacred light which welcomes, informs, and inspires.”

from ”Point Reyes Community Presbyterian Church Stained Glass Notes”, by Elizabeth Devereaux, May 1987.